Is this a scam?

No, it's not. Klein and Sheridan, LC, and Bailey Glasser LLP are real law firms. I, Benjamin Sheridan, am a partner at Klein and Sheridan. The firm has been in the valley for over 25 years, and we only handle bankruptcy and consumer protection cases like this one.

Why are we handling a case like this?

We have no choice. This case would have been easier for clients, us, and Frontier if it had been handled as a class action. Frontier opposed the class action we filed, and the West Virginia Supreme Court ruled that because Frontier inserted an arbitration clause in their terms of service, you cannot join a class action against them or file a civil action in a court.

Here is a link to the opinion:…/…/spring2017/16-0005.pdf

We cannot change that opinion. Therefore, we set up this page to start handling one by one arbitration's. This is the only way we are allowed under the law to help folks. If you can find other lawyers willing to handle your arbitration before we can, we encourage you to consider that option. We are only so big and can only handle so many individual cases at a time. Further, you may have statute of limitations issues that are slowly ending your claims. It makes sense to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible.

What is arbitration?

Arbitration is a private court that has become all the rage in corporate adhesion contracts these days. Arbitration clauses say that you cannot sue folks that rip you off in court, and you agree to that by using their service, even if you have no other choice. It would seem to violate the 7th Amendment, but the US Supreme Court has not ruled that it does, and in fact, has elevated arbitration up to point that the clauses are very hard to get out of.

Arbitration is very expensive, but Frontier has agreed to pay all of the costs in their arbitration clause. It will cost Frontier around $4,000 to file each case in arbitration. A lawsuit costs about $200. But, this is what Frontier wanted.

Will we take more cases?

We hope to. We don't want to make any promises that we can't keep. We would like to see some success with the folks we currently have moving forward, and if we're able to get relief for folks, we will try to help more. Our goal is to help as many customers as we can.

Will this case cost me money?

No, we will not charge you anything out of your pocket. We will contract with you to have a portion of the settlement or arbitration award go to pay our fees. The amount will depend on how much work we have put into your case and whether or not it has to go all the way to trial or not. The arbiter can order Frontier to pay all of our fees on top of the award to you, if the arbiter chooses to do that.